Start at any point on Dalmahoy Drive.  Walk down Dalmahoy Drive and at the end turn right.  You will see a path leading into the woods.  Walk along this path through the woods, with the Coupar Angus Road on your left.  You will reach a path that turns off to your right, there will also be an opening to cross the Coupar Angus Road on your left.  Take the path to the right and follow it straight up through Templeton Woods.  Keep following this track until you reach the end.  Turn to your right and follow the path past the water tower.  At the end of this path turn left and head up towards Clatto County Park, part of Dundee's water supply network.  When you reach the road, turn right and walk along until you get back to Dalmahoy Road.  Walk back down Dalmahoy Drive to the place you started from.

Distance:  2.7 miles
Time:  50 minutes
Grade:  3

Available Activities: 
Cycling and Mountain Biking
Walks in Dundee