Start on City Road opposite Saggar Street.  Walk down City Road until you reach Scott Street.  Turn right onto Scott Street and then take the next left onto Glenagnes Road.  Turn right onto Logie Avenue and walk to the end of the street.  In front of your a path winds up to a viewpointt.  Take this path up to Balgay Road.  Cross over Balgay Road and turn right.  Take the path opposite and on your left into the park.  Follow this up to where several paths intersect and take the right hand path.  Follow this path keeping left, follow this round to the observatory.

After looking at the observatory, turn to your left towards the bollards.  Walk back down the road and turn to your left.  Take the eighth path on your right just after another set of bollards and follow it back down the hill.  At the bottom, turn right and walk back to another entrance to Balgay Park (beside Lochee Park).  Turn right and follow the path round the other side of the viewpoint.

When you reach the junction of paths (where you originally turned off for the observatory) turn left and continue on the trodden earth path back down to Saggar Street.  Walk back along Saggar Street to City Road.

Distance:  2 miles
Time:  1 hour
Grade:  2

Available Activities: 
Picnic Area
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