Start on city Road opposite Saggar Street.  Walk down City Road until you reach Scott Street.  turn right onto Scott Street and then take the next left onto glenagnes Road.  Turn right onto Logie Avenue and walk to the end of the street.  In front of your a path winds up to a viewpoint.  Take this path up to Balgay Road.  Cross over Balgay Road and turn right.  Take the path on the left into the park.  Walk up to the second path on your right.  Take this path up the hill.  After the steps going down to your right, you will see a second set of steps going up to the right, beside a lamppost.  Take these steps and you will have an excellent view out across Dundee.  Continue on the trodden earth path back down to Saggar Street.  Walk back along Saggar Street to City Road.

Distance:  1.1 miles
Time:  25 minutes
Grade:  2

Available Activities: 
Picnic Area
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