Starting at City Square, walk up to the end of Reform Street and turn left.  Cross over the road at the pedestrian crossing and walk along Meadowside to Constitution Road on your right.  Turn up Constitution Road and walk up past the University Library.  After the library follow the path around to left and you will find an underpass that allows you to continue up Constitution Road at the other side.  The next road on your left is Barrack Road; follow this round to Dudhope Park.  You can walk through Dudhope Park to the exit on to Dudhope Terrace.  Walk along Dudhope Terrace, crossing Barrack Road and continuing until you reach the top of Constitution Road.  turnright onto Constitution Road.  If you cross over to the left-hand side of the road you can walk down Union Street, Prospect Place and Laurel Bank, before continuing back down Constitution Road underpass, and follow the path round behind the car park and left towards West Bell Street.  Turn right onto West Bell Street and then talke the next left.  Follow this road down, and turn left onto Bank Street.  Walk along Bank Street until you reach Reform Street and finally City Square.

Distance:  1.9 miles
Time: 40 minutes
Grade: 3

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