From the Finmill Centre turn right following the road around to Findcastle Place and turn right.  When you reach Fintry Road, turn left, and cross at the circle on to Fintry Crescent.  Walk straight down the Crescent in to Fintryside.  There are steps on this path.  On your right take the steps leading down into the park.

Follow the path down and across the park until you reach a small bridge.  Once crossed turn right and continue around the part until you reach a second bridge over the Dighty.  Cross over - there is a short but steep incline as you exit the park.  Cross over Fintry road and proceed up Finavon Street until you reach Fintry Drive.  Turn right and right again at Finavon Terrace and then left after a few yards into Findcastle Street until you return to the Finmill Centre.

Distance:  1¼ miles
Time:  35 minutes
Grade:  2

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