From the Finmill Centre turn left, turning right on to Finavon Terrace and right again for a few yards until you reach Fintry Drive.  Turn left, carefully crossing Fintry Road near the Forfar Road circle.  Follow the path along the Forfar Road until you reach the entrance to Fintry Park.

Enter the Park and follow the path until you reach the exit at the small shops.  Turn right at Cheviot Crescent, and at Findhorn Street cross over on to the path on the grass area to cross Finella Gardens.  Directly across take the cut through to Finella Place.  At the end turn right following Finella Place until Fintry Drive.  Cross over and follow the road until you reach Findcastle Street, right into Findcastle Street to return to the Finmill Centre.

Distance:  ¾ mile
Time:  15 minutes
Grade:  1

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