Start at City Square and follow the pedestrianised street up to the right.  Turn left onto Commercial Street and walk up to the mcManus Galleries.  Turn right and walk up Meadowside to Bell Street.  Turn left onto Bell Street and then take the next street on the right.  Walk to the end of this short street and turn left onto Soap Works Lane and then turn left again to walk past the University of Abertay.  Turn right onto Bell Street and then left onto Euclid Crescent.  Once on Euclid Crescent, take the first street on your right.  At the end of this street turn left and continue down Constituition Road and then Barrack Street, until you come to the Howff Graveyard gate.  Walk through the Howw to the north entrance and turn right onto Ward Road.  Continuing along this road, cross over Reform Street and take the next street on your right.  This will take you past the Forum Centre and will exist on the High Street near City Square.

Distance:  1 mile
Time:  20 minutes
Grade:  1

Available Activities: 
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