Start at the end of Gemini Crescent.  Follow the Green Circular Path down to the road then turn left and follow the road to Perth Road.  Cross over Perth Road and take the path to your right that leads you to the underpass.  Cross under Riverside Avenue using the underpass and at the other side turn to your right.  At the end of the path follow the road to your left and walk along Main Street.  Near the end of Mill Road a path leads off to your left.  Take this path under the A90 - you can follow it up to the Double Tree Hilton Hotel.  Turn around here and walk back to Mill road, turn left and follow Greystane back round to Main Street.  You can then cross Main Street and follow the path ahead, back the way you came to Gemini Crescent.

Distance:  2 miles
Time:  40 minues
Grade:  1

Available Activities: 
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