Montrose Basin is positively teeming with bird life. The 750 hectare enclosed estuary of the River South Esk provides a rich feeding ground for thousands of resident and migrant birds and has been virtually untouched by pollution or industrial development. Twice a day the tidal waters of the North Sea wash over the muddy flats, mixing with the fresh water of the river; it's a combination our feathered friends really seem to enjoy. Swans are common both on the river and in the basin and other species you should spot, in the summer, include eider ducks, curlews and oystercatches. Come autumn, flocks of migrating pink-footed and greylag geese are annual visitors. This walk follows the River South Esk downstream from historic Bridge of Dun, once the lowest crossing on the river, to the basin where the relatively narrow flow opens out into a vast expanse of gently rippling water.

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