Porters Trot
Starting at Jessie Porter Nursery, turn along Gilburn Road towards Caird Park.  At the big roundabout turn left along Forres Avenue until you reach Beauly Crescent.  Turn left along Beauly Crescent then turn left down Ambleside Avenue. Once you see Coniston Terrace on your right, cross over and follow Coniston Terrace until its end. Once at the end take the footpath on the left and walk down to Gilburn Road (Asda will be on your right here).  From Gilburn Road head towards Caird Park again until you return to Jessie Porter Nursery. 

Amble Ramble
Starting at Jessie Porters Nursery.  Walk along Gilburn Road towards Caird Park and take a left up Ambleside Terrace.  Follow Ambleside Terrace around until you get to Ambleside Avenue. Turn left and walk the short walk back to the nursery.

Porters Trot Distance:  1 mile
Approximate Time:  20 mins
Amble Ramble Distance:  Half mile
Appropriate Time:  10 mins

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