From the Community Centre, turn right down Derwent Avenue, then turn left onto Gilburn road.  With Asda on your left, go along Gilburn Road until the roundabout at the junction with Old Glamis road.  Very carefully cross over Gilburn road, then again over Old Glamis Road.  From here go down the steps into Caird Park.  Follow this path with the burn on your right until you reach the junction at the stone bridge.  From here there are a choice of paths that go along by the two ponds.  Whichever you choose, go along by the ponds until you reach the road and the big bridge.  Now turn left and up over the road (Mains Loan) and down towards Claverhouse Road (best to walk by the verge on the right as there is no path).  Once by Claverhouse Road, carefully cross over and onto the grass verge and turn left along Claverhouse Road.  The grassy slope is too steep here to get to the main path, so stay on the verge until you reach the trees.  At the trees you will find a way onto the path that isn't steep.  This path is called the Old Claverhouse Road.  Stay on the Old Road, carefully cross the junction with Barns of Claverhouse Road, and keep going - you will pass the site of the old pub on your right - all the way along until you reach the roundabout by Mains Parish Church.  Carefully cross over Claverhouse road, again cross over Old Glamis Road and onto Balgowan Avenue.  Stay on Balgowan Avenue until you reach Derwent Avenue on your left.  Keep on up Derwent and carry on until you return to the community centre.

Distance:  3 miles
Time:  Approximately 60 minutes

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