Start outside Kings Cross Hospital on Clepington Road.  Turn right and then turn right again onto Hospital Street.  Walk to the end of Hospital Street and turn left onto Strathmore Avenue.  Turn right onto Milton Street, the second road on your right.  At the end of Milton Street turn right and then left onto Hill Street, and then follow the path away from the Law to your left.  At the end of the path turn left onto Kinghorne Road, and then right onto Wishart Street.  Take the next left onto Stirling Avenue, and then take a right onto Stirling Terrace.  At the end of Stirling Terrace turn right onto Upper Constitution Street.  Follow the road back to Kinghorne Road.  Turn right and walk along Kinghorne Road until you reach the turn off for the path you walked down.  You can retrace your steps back along the same route to the hospital.

Distance:  1.1 miles
Time:  25 minutes
Grade:  1

Available Activities: 
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