Children who sit too much 'more likely to get depressed'

Children who spend lots of time sitting still are more likely to develop depression by the age of 18, a study suggests.

Researchers at University College London looked at the activity levels of 4,257 12- to 16-year-olds.

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Rare white squirrel photographed in Royal Deeside

A rare white squirrel has been photographed in Royal Deeside.

Experts said it was believed to be a red rather than a grey squirrel as it had the hairy ear tufts absent in greys.

The squirrel was snapped by conservationists working to protect red squirrel populations in the north east of Scotland.

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Take Pride in Your Beach this summer

The start of this year’s bathing season at Broughty Ferry is being used to remind people to Take Pride in the award-winning beach this summer.

For the 16th year running, the quality of the sands have been recognised with a Scotland’s Beach Award from Keep Scotland Beautiful.

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'Fear' of killer shrimp may threaten rivers

An invasive "killer shrimp" that has reached UK rivers could be altering the behaviour of other species through fear alone.

A study shows that the mere presence of the "alien" crustacean can make other species less effective at the tasks they perform in aquatic ecosystems.

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Beavers given protected status in Scotland

Wildlife organisations have welcomed new legislation making beavers a protected species in Scotland.

It is now illegal to kill beavers or destroy established dams and lodges without licence.

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