Play park opens in Dundee after £97,000 upgrade

A new £97,000 play park in Dundee has welcomed its first visitors as it was officially opened.

The facility at Lochee Park was designed  to cater for children of all ages and abilities and to enhance and promote the park.

Read the full article on The Courier's website.

Lochee Park

Lyme Disease and Tick Awareness

Only a small number of ticks are infected with the bacteria that cause Lyme disease. But it's still important to be aware of ticks and to safely remove them as soon as possible, just in case.

Find factsheets and videos on the Foresty Commission Scotland website.

Mat to Mountain: Skiing and Snowboarding in Scotland

Artificial and indoor ski slopes in Scotland provide an obvious stepping stone to Scotland’s ski resorts – and, then, potentially to travelling abroad to ski.  Read more on Fiona Outdoors blog.

New type of brown trout found in species-rich loch

A distinct "species" of brown trout that has never been reported before has been discovered in a Perthshire loch.

The specimen was one of four species of the fish found in Loch Laidon, suggesting biodiversity in freshwater habitats is greater than first thought.

The new species differs from the common form in having lighter skin, and a larger mouth and eyes.  Read more on the BBC's website.

The Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2018

A shocked squirrel has scooped the overall prize in this year's Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards.

Out of thousands of entries from around the world, Mary McGowan, from Tampa, Florida, won the overall prize with her photo titled Caught in the Act.

Other entrants included an exasperated bear, a smiley shark and a rhino appearing to wear a tutu. View the winning photos on the BBC's website.